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Artificial Intelligence Empowering New Age Applied Higher Education Talents Training——Professor Lu Xin, President of China Vocational and Technical Education Society, Came to Our School to Give Academic Reports for Teachers and Students
2019-05-16 15:30  

On May 12th, in order to understand the opportunities and challenges brought by artificial intelligence more deeply, our school invited the president of China Vocational and Technical Education Association and the former deputy minister of the Ministry of Education, Professor Lu Xin, to make an academic report entitled  "Artificial Intelligence + X Empowerment +N Energize: the Applied Education's Historical Mission. "This is the first time Lu Xin has used this theme to make a special report in Liaoning Province.
Lu Xin hopes that Shenyang University can persist in the transformation and development of vocational education, accelerate the intelligence of professional education, and help Shenyang City to be at the forefront of the country in terms of intelligence.
Su Wenjie thanked President Lu Xin for pointing out the development direction for the further improvement of the professional construction level, the teaching ability of teachers and the quality of personnel training. He hopes that artificial intelligence will become a strong driving force for the comprehensive construction of the first-class universities of the same kind in China.

Prof. Lu Xin gives an academic report entitled 'Artificial Intelligence + X Empowerment + N Energize: The Historical Mission of Applied Education'.

Su Wenjie presides over the report and speaks.

The scene of the report.




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