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2019 Student Taekwondo Competition Accomplished
2019-05-20 15:24  

From May 6th to 10th, the "2019 Shenyang University Taekwondo Competition" jointly organized by the Sports Institute and the Student Office accomplished. More than 120 students from 15 colleges participated in the competition. After more than 100 competitions, Luo Xianqing, Meng Yuqing, Zhang Yuqing and Fang Ci won the women's 53kg, 63kg, 68kg and 78kg competitions respectively. Liu Yubing and Zhang Hui won the women's 58 kg competition, they are both championships. Sun Yubo, Ding Zixu, Qin Zhitao, Yu Ting and Liu Shuoyan won the champions of the men's 63 kg, 68 kg, 73 kg, 83 kg and 85 kg competitions respectively.


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