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The Two Subjects - Environmental Engineering and Accounting in Our School Have Been Approved as the National First-class Undergraduate Specialty Construction Point
2020-01-04 19:56  

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued"The announcement of the general office of the Ministry of Education on publishing the list of national and provincial first-class undergraduate specialty construction sites in 2019".The two majors of our university—environmental engineering and accounting—were approved as the national first-class undergraduate specialty construction point.Automation, civil engineering and tourism management were approved as the provincial first-class undergraduate specialty construction point, which made a historic breakthrough in undergraduate specialty construction.

In April 2019,the Ministry of Education decided to launch the "double ten thousand plan" for the construction of first-class undergraduate specialty. In order to do well in the selection and construction of the first-class undergraduate specialty construction point,the school organized and held the first-class professional construction point application kick off meeting at the first time,and interpreted the document spirit of the Ministry of Education,deploy the declaration.At the same time our university held a training session on writing declaration of first-class professional specialty construction point,and introduced the matters in filling in the declaration. We also provided thetemplate of supporting materials and enriched the contents of declaration,invited experts to review the application materials,and guided to improve the writing level of application materials.

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