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Dai YuQiang, a Famous Singer, Was Appointed as a Special Professor in Shenyang University
2018-11-30 12:51  

On the afternoon of November 27, the appointment ceremony of the special professor of Shenyang University, Dai Yuqiang, a famous singer, was held in the concert hall. Li Feng, the president of Shenyang University, awarded Dai Yuqiang the appointment of a special professor. Vice President Liu Kebin and Secretary of Discipline Commission Zhang Jiaxue attended the appointment ceremony.
After the ceremony, the leaders and teachers and students attended Professor Dai Yuqiang's nearly two and a half hours vocal music instruction course.
After Dai Yuqiang came to school, he visited the piano room and training room of our music major and put forward good suggestions.

Li Feng awards a letter of appointment to Professor Dai Yuqiang of Shenyang University

Dai Yuqiang teaches on the spot


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