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Li Feng Meets Watabe Toshihiro,the President Of Hokkaido Bunkyo University In Japan and His Party
2018-09-17 14:15  

On the morning of September 13,a group of 3,including Watabe Toshihiro,the president of Hokkaido Bunkyo University came to visit the SYU. Li Feng, the president, met with Watabe Toshihiro in the VIP room.Wang Xiaochu, the vice president, accompanied him to meet and participate in the related inspective activities. Foreign affairs office and School of Foreign Languages related officials attended the meeting.
During the visit, Watabe Toshihiro and his party ,who were accompanied by Wang Xiaochu, visited the language labs and multimedia classrooms of the School of Foreign Languages, and had a friendly exchange with the students who will go to Hokkaido Bunkyo University.

Li Feng meets with Watabe Toshihiro.

Wang Xiaochu and the leaders of related officials are present.

Participants in the meeting take photos.

Watabe Toshihiro and his party visit the SYU.


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