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the Secretary of the Party Committee Of Shenyang University Su Wenjie Meets with Qiao Gexia, Director of the National Animal Museum
2018-09-03 13:48  

On the afternoon of September 1st,Su Wenjie, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the university, met with Qiao Gexia, the winner of the national outstanding youth fund, deputy director of the institute of zoology, Chinese academy of sciences and director of the national zoological museum in the VIP room of building four, north campus.Wang Mingyou, deputy secretary of the party committee of SYU, Liu Guangchun, director of the natural museum and member of the school affairs, and related personnel were present.  
During the meeting, Su Wenjie, on behalf of the school, welcomed Qiao Gexia to visit the school, and expressed his gratitude to Qiao Glexia for guiding the future development plan of the natural museum of our school.
Before the meeting, Qiao Gexia visited the natural museum of our school. After the meeting, Qiao Gexia had an in-depth exchange with relevant personnel in the key laboratory of urban pest management and ecological security in Liaoning Province.

Su Wenjie meets with Qiao Gexia.

The school leaders take a photo with Qiao Gexia.

Qiao Gexia visits the natural museum of our school.


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