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Li Feng Meets Bharat, the Director of Malaysia Manipal Education Group Operations and His Entourage
2018-08-01 13:36  

On July 20th, Bharat, Malaysian Manipal Education Group Operations director  and his entourage visited our university, the headmaster Li Feng met Bharat at the VIP room. Wu Gang, deputy director of the Economic Committee of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, accompanied him. Wang Mingyou, deputy secretary of the school party committee, and Liu Kebin, vice president, met with them. The heads of the Party Committee, the Foreign Affairs Department, the International College, and the International Education Exchange Center attended the meeting.
During the talks, the two sides reached a preliminary intention in cooperating with students to "2+1+1.5", the master's joint program, short-term exchanges between students' summer and summer vacations, teachers' mutual exchanges and the establishment of Confucius Institutes (Confucius Institute) and will gradually implement them in the future.
After the talks, the Bharat Operations Director and his entourage visited the International College and the International Education Exchange Center accompanied by Liu Kebin.

Li Feng meets with Bharat

Take a photo together after the meeting


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