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Shenyang University Holds 2014 Thanksgiving Party
2014-04-22 16:08  

At 18:00 of November 27, 2014 Thanksgiving Party of our school was held in south music hall. The President of Shenyang University Li Feng; the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shenyang University, the Vice President of Shenyang University Li Peng; the Vice President of Shenyang University Wang Xiaochu, and other relevant person totally more than 400 had attended.

The Party officially opened with the song “jasmine flower”, and the foreign teacher Dr. Coder had shared his thanksgiving experience when he was in hometown. Li Peng delivered a speech on behalf of the school, Li Feng awarded for the students in thanksgiving education event. Teachers and students performed poetry reading, sign language songs, taletelling, choirs, and so on.




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