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Actively Explore and Promote the Transformation Development Centering On the Structure Adjustment of Local Universities
2014-08-29 08:39  

        ——A GrandSigning Ceremony of School-enterprise Cooperation(enterprises named class) Was Held




       A grand signingceremony of school-enterprise cooperation was held in the conference center ofthe stadium in Shenyang University in the morningon August 28th. Li Ji’an, Standing Committee of CPC, Secretary ofParty Committee of Shenyang University, Li Feng, Vice Chairman of the MunicipalCPPCC, Vice President of Shenyang University, Wang Mingyou, Vice Secretary ofParty Committee, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission, leaders from EducationalDepartment of Liaoning Province and the municipal government, heads of therelated departments in the corporations, and reporters from more than 20 centraland provincial news media attended the ceremony. Deans and vice deans of thecolleges, leadership members of the colleges which the classes titled with thecorporations’ names are from, project leaders and heads of relevant functionaldepartments and student representatives also attended the ceremony.

       At theceremony, our president signed the cooperation agreements with North HeavyIndustry Group Co., Ltd., Shenyang Yuanda Enterprise Group, Shenyang MetroGroup Co., Ltd., Shenyang Zhong ChenSteel Engineering Co., Ltd., China United Network Communications Co., Ltd.Shenyang Branch, Liaoning Tian Jiu Enterprise Group, ZTE Software Technology(Shenyang) Co., Ltd., Beijing Information Technology Co., Ltd., SoftInternational Education Group, Marriott International, Inc., Shenyang Ha Jin Educatinion Group, Liao Ning Dongxiang Jewelry Co., Ltd. and ShenyangCommercial Arts Building. According to the agreements, our university will establish12 classes titled with these corporations’ names. We will select students from therelevant professionals for the implementation of the whole new training model,i.e. our university and the corporations will jointly develop the personneltraining courses and enhance the building of teachers thus developing the portforward type internship and constructing school-enterprise collaborativeeducation system.

       And also, Secretary Lidelivered an important speech at the ceremony, in which he pointed out that inorder to promote the transformation development we must pay close attention tothree points, namely, providing strong intellectual and personnel support onthe needs of economic and social development, cultivating students with strongpractical abilities and good comprehensive qualities basing on innovated talenttraining mechanism, building a university with its own characteristics basingon adjusting and optimizing discipline structure. Taking the special personnel training model inform of classes titled with corporations’ names as the breakingthrough point,our school has provided demonstration and reference for transformationdevelopment of local universities.

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