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Observe the Grand Opening of the Fifth Meeting of the Joint Conference of Comprehensive Universities of Fifteen Sub-provincial Cities in Shenyang
2014-08-24 15:04  


As the rotating presidencyof the joint conference of comprehensive universities in fifteen sub-provincialcities,ShenyangUniversityhosts the fifth meeting. Theopening ceremony of the meeting is held at Liaoning Mansion Hotel inShenyangon the morningof July, 27. XingKai, Deputy Party Secretary of Shenyang Municipal PartyCommittee, JiangJun, Deputy Mayor of Shenyang Municipal Government, ZhaoRigang, Deputy Secretary General of Shenyang Municipal Party Committee, CaiXiaojun, Deputy Party Secretary of the Education and Science Work Committee ofShenyang Municipal Party Committee attend the ceremony. The meeting is presidedover by LiJi’an, Member of the Standing Committee of Shenyang Municipal PartyCommittee and the Party Secretary ofShenyangUniversity. Xing Kai deliversthe speech. LiFeng, Vice Chairman of Shenyang Committee of the Chinese People’sPolitical Consultative Conference and the President of Shenyang University,makes a keynote speech. After the opening ceremony, participants exchange ideasand discuss issues on the theme: To Advance the Reform and Development andPromote the Core Competitiveness of Urban ComprehensiveUniversities.Majorleaders fromChangchunUniversity,ChengduUniversity,DalianUniversity,GuangzhouUniversity,HarbinUniversity,HangzhouNormalUniversity,UniversityofJinan,JianghanUniversity,Jinling InstituteofTechnology,NingboUniversity,QingdaoUniversity,ShenzhenUniversity,Xi’an University, Xiamen University of Technology attend this meeting.    






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