Environmental Engineering
2014-08-22 19:59  

Environmental Engineering was certified as a special discipline for Liaoning Provincial government to enhance the focal competitive power of universities of Liaoning Province in 2009. Furthermore, Environmental Engineering was acknowledged as a first-level discipline qualified to grant doctorate degree by successfully passing theDoctorate Cultivation Program Aimed to Meet the National Special Demandsin 2012.  

Supported by the School of Environmental Studies, the discipline has 4 research orientationssuch as Restoration of Polluted Environment, Evaluation of Sustainable Development of Environmental and Regional Ecological Environmental Scheming, environment restoration material and equipment, and slurry pipeline transportation techniques and equipment.In recent years, it has undertaken 211 programs, with a total scientific cost of 77.7 million yuan, including 1 subproject of 973 Program, 2subprojectsof 863 Program,6 national key supporting programs,1 national special program of 12thFive Year Plantogether with1 subproject, 3 nationalwaterspecial programs of 11thFive Year Plan, 18 programs of National Natural Science Fund, 8 programs of Ministry of Science and Technology, 1 program of Ministry of Education, 1program of National Social Science Fund, 1 program of provincial-level natural science fund, 39 other provincial-level programs, 39 municipal-level programs, and 44 others. The teaching staff there has published 248 articles,with 61 of SCI and 79 of EI, applied for 57 patents, with 29 authorized and won 1 top prize and 5 first prizesof provincial-level natural science academic achievement awards, 3 second prizes of municipal-level natural science academic achievement awards, 1 third prize of provincial-level technological progress awards, and 1 first prize and 5 second prizesof municipal-level technological progress awards, and 1 first prize of provincial-level science and technology awards.

The discipline has constructed a well-structured and innovative academic team, with 9 professors, 23 associate professors and 32 PhD degree holders. It has been awarded twice as excellent innovative teamof Liaoning universitiesin 2007 and 2011.  

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