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Yangtse River Scholar
2014-08-23 12:23  

Yang Yuesuo  

Professor Yang Yuesuo’s main research orientations include pollution restoration of underground water and soil, agricultural non-point source pollution mechanism, numerical simulation of pollutant migration, environmental pollution and ecological toxicology of biological responses, etc. He has completed and undertaken over 30 programs of EU, EPSRC, DoE (NI), Royal Society, EA of UK and China’s 863 Program, international cooperation programs, National Natural Science Fund and Ministry of Education programs, etc. He has published 109 articles (47 published in recent 5 years, and 28 are retrieved in SCI systems), and one article was honored as one of “100 most influential international academic articles of China in 2010”in December of 2011. He has won 6 prizes of national and provincial technological awards (In 2001, he became the first winner of the excellent technological achievement award of Prof. Rose of EU’s MCB), and he received 2 medals of Wang Kuancheng Fund, was financed by the program of “Spring Light” of the Ministry of Education, and became Yangtse River scholar of 2007-2010, climbing scholar of universities of Liaoning Province in 2013, senior expert of Jilin Province and winner of May 1st Labor Medal of Shenyang.

He is director of Ministry of Education’s key lab of “regional polluted environment and ecological restoration”, and is in charge of “Doctorate Personnel Cultivation Program for Special Serving Purposes in China” and provincial-level program of key technological platform construction. In recent years, while improving the conditions of labs, he has conducted all-round research works of the polluting process and restoring mechanisms of organics pollutants in underground water and soil (including field investigation, new pollutant detection, lab and computer simulation, etc.), and he has done a combined cross-disciplinary research of hydrogeological pollution, microbiology and molecule biology.  

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