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Winners of Special Government Allowances of the State Council
2014-08-23 12:19  

Wang Mingyou  

Professor Wang Mingyou, born in 1963 in Heishan of Liaoning Province, has a PhD degree of economics. He is Vice Secretary of CPC Committee & Secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee of SYU.

Education Background: 1985: bachelor degree of department of industrial economy of LNU, 1988: master’s degree of industrial economy of LNU, 1998: doctorate degree of enterprise management of LNU, 1999: post-doctorate of applied economy of LNU.  

Working Experience: 1988: starting career as a teacher; 1991:director and lecturer of teaching research office of department of economic management of Shenyang Financial College, 1993: director of Department of International Trade, 1996: vice director and associate professor of Department of Economic Trade of SYU, 1998: head of Economic Research Institute, 2000: dean and professor of School of Business Administration, 2001: standing vice dean of School of International Commerce (concurrent), 2002: vice president of SYU, 2011: standing vice president of SYU.  

Main Social (Academic) Posts: peer evaluation expert of National Social Science Fund and Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council; evaluation expert of post doctorate science fund; standing vice chairman of China Industrial Economy Society; decision consulting member of the provincial committee and government, evaluation member of academic degrees committee of the provincial government, vice chairman of Steering Committee of Economic Majors of Universities of Liaoning Province, evaluation expert of programs of Philosophy and Social Science Fund of Liaoning Province, chief expert of research base of Psychological Health Education of Liaoning Province, and vice chairman of Market-Oriented Economics Society of Liaoning Province.  

Main Research Fields and Orientations: industrial economy, regional economy, enterprise management and technological innovation, and industrial tourism, etc. In 1999, he began researching in post doctorate working station of applied economy of LNU; In 2000, he succeeded in applying for National Social Science Fund, and became the first person to have nation-funded programs in SYU; In 2002, he was awarded for special contribution of technological work of SYU. He is responsible for 21 scientific programs of national and provincial academic levels, and of ministries of education, science, and finance. He has published 13 treatises and textbooks, mainly as follows:Knowledge Economy and Technological Innovation(Economic Management Press, 1999),Research on Enterprise Technological Innovation of China(LNU Press, 2000),Research on Industrial Tourism of China(Economic Management Press, 2012), etc. He has published over 40 academic articles on periodicals likeEconomic Management, Research on Economy and Management, Exploration on Economic Problems, Journal of CapitalUniversity of Economics and Business,etc. He has won 18 research achievement awards, mainly as follows: award of provincial-level social science achievements (first prize), award of provincial-level natural science achievements (first prize), excellent article of provincial-level social science (first prize), award of provincial-level teaching achievements (second prize), award of provincial-level philosophy and social science achievements (governmental award, third prize), and award of municipal-level technological progress (second prize), etc.

Teaching and Personnel Training: He began his teaching career in 1988, and became professor in 2000. He was selected as one of the first academic leaders of SYU, and one of the first master’s degree supervisors of SYU in 2004. He mainly teaches the following courses of “industrial economy”, “management” and “marketing”, etc. He enrolls and supervises 17 graduates and 15 have graduated, 9 of whom have taken PhD courses in Shanghai Jiaotong University, Nankai University, Xiamen University, Shenzhen University, and LNU, etc.  

Main Honorary Titles: expert enjoying special government allowances of the State Council, one of the first young philosophy and social science personnel of Liaoning Province, excellent backbone teacher of universities of Liaoning Province, model worker of Shenyang, excellent expert of Shenyang, one of the ten outstanding young intellectuals of Shenyang, winner of May 4th Medal of Shenyang, excellent technological worker of Shenyang, excellent personnel of philosophy and social science of Four “One Bunch” of Shenyang, excellent member of CPPCC of Shenyang, and civilized citizen of Dadong District of Shenyang.  

Hu Xiaojun  

Professor Hu Xiaojun, born in 1977, has a PhD degree and is a PhD degree supervisor. He enjoys special government allowances of the State Council. He is a member of excellent personnel supporting plan of the new century of Ministry of Education, and a member of “Millions of Talents Project” of Liaoning Province and excellent personnel supporting plan of Department of Education of Liaoning Province. He is also excellent expert of Shenyang, vice dean of School of Environmental Studies, vice chairman of Ministry of Education’s key lab of regional polluted environmental and ecological restoration, and member of academic degrees committee of SYU.

His main research field is new environmental restoration material and equipment. He is the first expert in China to combine supermolecular chemistry, material preparation with environmental pollution control, and he has conducted researches on new environmental restoration material for the use of polluted environment medium treatment and restoration based on supermolecular receptor compounds. He has developed many new kinds of leaching agents, restoration equipment and sewage disposal facilities for polluted soil leaching and restoring, and many new kinds of adsorbent materials to effectively remove heavy metal and organic pollutants in water with supermolecular receptor as active functioning unit. He also designs a new kind of water heavy metal ions fluorescent chemical sensor based on self-assembled micelles.  

He successfully completed 17 programs of “performance and mechanism of heavy metal ions detection of new fluorescent probe of self-assembled micelles”(National Natural Science Fund) and “research on mechanism of leaching and restoring of TCAS intensified heavy metal and composite organically polluted soil”(Youth Fund), “integration and demonstration of key technology of quality improvement of soil environment of relocated zones of old industrial bases” (a subproject of national technology supporting plan), “key technological breakthrough of preparation and application of new TCAS sorbing resin” (key program of technological plan of Liaoning Province), and “mechanism of elution of leaching agents against heavy metal and organic pollutants” (natural science fund of Liaoning Province). He has published over 100 articles on academic periodicals home and abroad, of which 36 are retrieved in SCI. He has applied for 27 national patents, with 14 authorized and 10 invention patents. He has also won 3 natural science academic achievement awards of Liaoning Province.  

Liu Ming  

Professor Liu Ming is dean of School of Fine Arts of SYU, chairman of Shenyang Artists Association and Oil Painting Commission, vice chairman of Shenyang Literary Federation, Liaoning Artists Association, and Oil Painting Society of Liaoning Province, and member of China Oil Painting Society.

He has dedicated himself to the cause of artistic education, teaching, and oil painting creation for over 30 years. He has cultivated many personnel with artistic talents and created a lot of excellent artistic works, which have participated in over 50 competitions home and abroad. He has won 7 national artistic exhibition awards, including second prize of the 6th National Artistic Exhibition, and third prizes of oil painting annual exhibition of China and national artistic exhibition of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of CPC, academic award of the biennial oil painting exhibition of China, the award of oil painting art of the 8th National Artistic Exhibition (top prize), excellent award of national artistic exhibition of celebrating the 80th anniversary of the founding of CPC (top prize), and third prize of the 10th artistic exhibition of China.  

He has published over 30 treatises, and obtained many honorary titles such as one of the top ten outstanding intellectuals of Shenyang, excellent teacher of Chen Hsiang-Mei Educational Encouragement Fund, new artistic star of Liaoning, member of “Millions of Talents Project” of Liaoning Province, artist of high performing skills and moral integrity of Shenyang, winner of Special Government Allowances of the State Council, academic leader of artistic disciplines of universities of Shenyang, top young professional personnel of Shenyang, excellent expert of Shenyang and excellent teacher of Baosteel Fund, etc.  

Sun Lina  

Professor Sun Lina, born in June of 1960, has a doctorate degree and is a PhD degree supervisor. She is dean of the School of Environmental Studies, and vice director of Ministry of Education’s key lab of regional polluted environmental and ecological restoration.

She obtained master’s degree of exploration geochemistry from Changchun Geological College, master’s degree of geochemistry of mineral deposits in 1990, and doctorate degree of Mineral Resource Prospecting and Exploration from NEU. She graduated from the post doctorate working station of biology of The CAS Shenyang Institute of Ecology.  

She has devoted herself to the teaching and researching cause of resource and environmental science. Her main research field is degraded ecosystem restoration and ecological risk evaluation. She has the following programs: 2 programs of National Natural Science Fund, 1 special program of national key technology (including 4 subprojects), 2 subprojects of 973 Program, 1 subproject of 863 Program, 1 subproject of national technological supporting plan, 1 subproject of Sino-German international cooperation of Ministry of Science and Technology, 2 subprojects of key program of National Natural Science Fund, 2 provincial-level funds, 1 program of provincial-level excellent personnel supporting plan, 1 program of innovative teams of Liaoning Province, and over 40 other programs of different administrative levels. She has published 4 treatises, textbooks, and over 160 articles. She has won 9 awards of technological progress of provincial, municipal and industrial levels, cultivated 30 graduates and doctorates, and is winner of Special Government Allowances of the State Council, excellent expert of Liaoning, winner of national Baosteel Education Fund, excellent CPC member of Shenyang, one of the top ten technological talents of Shenyang, excellent technological worker of Shenyang, one of the top 100 technological innovation masters of Shenyang, excellent teacher of Liaoning, excellent top talent of municipal-level universities of Shenyang, famous teacher of Shenyang, excellent female worker of educational, scientific, cultural and health systems of Shenyang, and excellent teacher of SYU, etc.  

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