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Excellent Personnel of New Century of Ministry of Education
2014-08-23 12:04  

Hu Xiaojun   


Professor Hu Xiaojun, born in 1977, has a PhD degree and is a PhD degree supervisor. He enjoys special government allowances of the State Council. He is a member of excellent personnel supporting plan of the new century of Ministry of Education, and a member of “Millions of Talents Project” of Liaoning Province and excellent personnel supporting plan of Department of Education of Liaoning Province. He is also excellent expert of Shenyang, vice dean of School of Environmental Studies, vice director of Ministry of Education’s key lab of regional polluted environmental and ecological restoration, and member of academic degrees committee of SYU.

His main research field is new environmental restoration material and equipment. He is the first expert in China to combine supermolecular chemistry, material preparation with environmental pollution control, and he has conducted researches on new environmental restoration material for the use of polluted environment medium treatment and restoration based on supermolecular receptor compounds. He has developed many new kinds of leaching agents, restoration equipment and sewage disposal facilities for polluted soil leaching and restoring, and many new kinds of absorbent materials to effectively remove heavy metal and organic pollutants in water with supermolecular receptor as active functioning unit. He also designs a new kind of water heavy metal ions fluorescent chemical sensor based on self-assembled micelles.  

He successfully completed 17 programs of “performance and mechanism of heavy metal ions detection of new fluorescent probe of self-assembled micelles” (National Natural Science Fund) and “research on mechanism of leaching and restoring of TCAS intensified heavy metal and composite organically polluted soil” (Youth Fund), “integration and demonstration of key technology of quality improvement of soil environment of relocated zones of old industrial bases” (a subproject of national technology supporting plan), “key technological breakthrough of preparation and application of new TCAS sorbing resin” (key program of technological plan of Liaoning Province), and “mechanism of elution of leaching agents against heavy metal and organic pollutants” (natural science fund of Liaoning Province). He has published over 100 articles on academic periodicals home and abroad, of which 36 are retrieved in SCI. He has applied for 27 national patents, with 14 authorized and 10 invention patents. He has also won 3 natural science academic achievement awards of Liaoning Province.  

Tian Liwei   


Professor Tian Liwei, born in June of 1973, is director of Shenyang key lab of commercial intelligence, director of engineering center of network information integration technology of Liaoning, principal of coordination and innovation base of connected industrial cluster of technological research center of Liaoning, and director of engineering lab of environmental monitoring network technology of Liaoning. From 2004 to 2006, he worked as a postdoctorate researcher in the school of software, Tsinghua University. His main research fields are network information integration technology, information search technology and intelligent knowledge demonstration technology. He has directed more than 10 programs of different levels, such as provincial-level natural science fund programs, key lab programs of provincial department of education, municipal-level technological breakthrough programs, national supporting programs, and national international-cooperation special programs, etc. He has published 1 monograph, compiled 1 textbook, and published 9 SCI and EI academic articles. He has also cooperated with Semantic Technology Company of Korea to exclusively promote the product of semantics search engine in China, with an annual contract amount of 20 million yuan.

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