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National Excellent Teachers
2014-08-23 11:53  

Fan Linan   

Professor Fan Linan, born in May of 1964 in Beipiao of Liaoning, has adoctorate degree in engineering, and is supervisor of master degree. He is dean of school ofinformation engineering of SYU, evaluation expert of national postdoctoratefund program, identification expert of provincial technological achievementsand evaluation expert of municipal technological programs, head of provincialexpert group of Test Paper Correction of National Software Examinations,standing director of Energy Saving Branch ofChina Instrument and Control Society, member ofeditorial advisory board ofElectronicInstrumentation Customer, member of Steering Committee of AutomationMajors of Universities of Liaoning, standing director of Liaoning Software Society, member of LiaoningAutomation Society, and standing director of Liaoning MCUSociety.

He is responsible for the teaching and research work of imageengineering, mode identification, intelligent control, and embedded systemdesign, etc., and teaches 8 courses for undergraduates and graduates. He isdirector of provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration center ofautomation and electrical engineering, academic leader of provincial-leveldemonstration major of automation, leader of provincial-level teaching teamof basic computer, and principal of provincial-level quality courses. He has awarded 3 first prizesof teaching achievements of SYU, 3 third prizes of provincial-level teachingachievements, 1 third prize of provincial-level excellent educational andscientific achievements, and 1 second and 1 third prizes of provincial-leveleducational software competitions. His students have won national secondprize and provincial top prize of national electronics design contests ofuniversity students.   

He has published more than 90 academic articles, and over 30 textbooks, with 2provincial-level quality textbooks, 4provincial-level textbooks of 12th Five Year Plan, 1national-level textbook of 11th Five Year Plan, and 1 monograph “ImageProcessing and Mode Identification” published by Science Press. He has directed 14scientific programs of different levels, such as national and provincialnatural science funds, and provincial-level scientific plans, together with12 scientific awards of provincial-level natural science academicachievements, and municipal-level technological progress awards.

He has many honorary titles, such as municipal-level top young talent,excellent technological worker, May 1st Labor Medal winner, municipalmodel worker, provincial-level May 1st Labor Medal winner,outstanding teacher, Baosteel excellent teacher, advanced individuals of the work ofnational software examinination, and national outstanding teacher, etc.   

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