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National Model Teacher
2014-08-23 11:39  

Liu Guangchun 

Professor Liu Guangchun, born in December of 1959, has a doctorate degree in science and issupervisor of doctorate degree.He is also academic leader of SYU,Deanof the School of Life Science and Engineering of SYU, director of provincial-level key lab of urban pest control and ecological safety, vicedirectorof Liaoning Entomology Society, Liaoning Zoology Society, and Liaoning Ecology Society, standingdirectorof Liaoning Botanical Protection Society, and Returned Oversea Doctors Association of Shenyang.His main research fields are insect system categorization, biogeography, coordinated evolution of parasite and its host, and urbangardening’spest control. He has great achievementsin the research of phorid fly,natural enemy of red fire ants, an important invading pest of China. He has discovered and recorded over 250 kinds ofphoridflies in China,amongwhich are over 100 new species. He has published 1 monograph “China Eye Fly Categorization”. He has directed 3programsof national-level natural science fund, 2 programs of provincial-level natural science fund, and 2 municipal-level scientific programs. He has published 5 monographs, and 112academic articleshome and abroad, with 20 SCI articles. He hasawarded1 second prize of municipal-level technological progress, 1 first prize of agricultural technological contribution, 1 third prize of provincial-level natural science award,outstandingtechnological worker of Shenyang of 2002, and excellent expert of Shenyang of 2013.He has undertaken courses of “zoological categorizing principles and methods”, “insect categorization” and “pest control of gardening plants” for undergraduate and graduate students. He has cultivated 5 doctors and 16 graduates. He was honored as national model teacher in 2001, model worker of Shenyang in 2002, excellent CPC member of Shenyang in 2005, and Baosteel excellent teacher in 2011.

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