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Famous Teachers of Liaoning
2014-08-22 20:19  

Wang Shumei 

ProfessorWang Shumei, born in May of 1965,doctorate dgree in industrial economy, and isvice president of SYU, standing member of CPC committee of SYU, outstanding teacher of Liaoning, main lecturer andprincipalof national bilingual teaching demonstration courses and provincial quality courses, academic leader of excellent teaching teams of universities of Liaoning, first-leveltalentsof provincialdepartmentof education, peer evaluation expert of National Social Science Fund programs, decision evaluation expert of Financial Working Committee of the provincial people’s congress, evaluation expert of programs of provincial departments of technology and education, and standingdirectorof Liaoning Economic and Cultural Development Promotion Association, etc.

Li Aihua 

Professor Li Aihua, born in 1967, issupervisor of master degree, Certified Public Valuerof China, vicedeanof the school of business administration of SYU, member of teaching steering committee of SYU, teacher of“Millions of Talents Project” of Liaoning,outstandingteacher of Liaoning, young backbone teacher of Liaoning,principalof provincial-level quality resource sharing course of “basic accountancy”, excellent teacher and excellent technological worker of Shenyang, expert of expert bank “National Torch Plan”, evaluation expert of senior accountants of Liaoning, financial evaluation expert of municipal-level special funds, and standingdirectorof the 8thCommission of Shenyang Finance Society.

Wang Jianming 

ProfessorWang Jianming, born in 1963, is a doctor in engineering and director of provincial-level key lab of advanced material preparation technology, member of China Foundry Association,principalof national-level distinctive major of material formation and control engineering, provincial-level excellent teacher, academic leader,outstandingteacher, andacademic leaderof distinctive discipline construction of improving the core competitive strength of universitiesand key cultivation discipline of Liaoning Province.

Jiang Naili 

Professor Jiang Naili is a provincial-leveloutstandingteacher,deanof the school of cultural communication, vicechairmanof Liaoning geography society, standingdirectorof Shenyang meteorology society, peer evaluation expert of National Social Science Fund programs, member of evaluation group of philosophy and social science achievement award of Liaoning, evaluation expert of technological plans of Shenyang, excellent young top talents of municipal-level universities, and excellent expert of Shenyang.

Jin Xiaoyang 

Professor Jin Xiaoyang is international-level cheerleading referee, national-level aerobics referee, vicedirectorof cheerleading committee ofrhythmic gymnastics and Aerobics Branch of University Sports Association of China,chairman of committeeof provincial-level cheerleading committee,outstandingteacher of Liaoning, model worker of Shenyang, and chairman of Aerobics Association of Universities of Shenyang.

Wang Yan 

Professor & Dr. Wang Yan isdeanof the school of foreign languages of SYU, vice chairman of Liaoning Translation Society and of Liaoning Foreign Laugnage Teaching Research Society, and member of Foreign Cultural Communication commission of Liaoning Writers Association.

Fan Linan 

Professor Fan Linan, born in May of 1964 in Beipiao of Liaoning, has a doctorate degree in engineering, and issupervisor of master degree.He isdeanof school of information engineering of SYU, evaluation expert of national postdoctorate fund program, identification expert of provincial technological achievements and evaluation expert of municipal technological programs, head of provincial expert group of Test Paper Correction of National Software Examinations, standingdirectorofEnergy Saving Branch of China Instrument and Control Society,member of editorial advisory board ofElectronic Instrumentation Customer, member of Steering Committee of Automation Majors of Universities of Liaoning, standingdirectorof Liaoning Software Society, member of Liaoning Automation Society, and standing director of Liaoning MCU Society.

Li Qingyang 

Professor Li Qingyang issupervisor of master degree, deanof the school of politics and law, and director of the department of ideology and politics,outstandingteacher and excellent teacher of ideological and political theories courses of Liaoning, vice chairman of World Economy Society of Liaoning, standingdirectorof National Local College Ideological Education Research Society of China Ethnics Association, member of Ideological and Political Theories Research Society of Universities of Liaoning, and vicedirectorof Steering Committee of Situation and Policies Education.

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