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School of Politics & Law (Department of Ideology & Politics)
2014-08-22 18:24  

School of Politics & Law (Department of Ideology & Politics) isbased on the combination of formal School of Politics & Law and Department of Ideology & PoliticsTeaching and Research at the beginning of the year 2012. It is the legislative consultation unit of people’s congresses of Liaoning Province and Shenyang Municipality, and an educating and publicizing unit of gender equality of Liaoning Women’s Federation.  

The schoolconsists ofundergraduate majors ofLaw, Social Works, Philosophy and Ideological & Political Education. It undertakes the ideologicalandpolitical education work of all SYU’s students. It is the research and propaganda base of Marxist theories of SYU, and the main channel and platform for the work of students’ ideological and political education. 

It has 78 faculty members, including 68 teachers, 10 administrative staffs and teaching assistants, 10 professors, 37 associate professors,and21 lecturers,among whom21 teachersreceivedoctorate degrees.The school has 1famous teacher of Liaoning Province, 1 leading teacher of ideology & political theories course of Liaoning Province, 3 young backbone teachers of Liaoning Province, 2 excellent teachers of ideology & political theories course of Liaoning Province, 1 winner of May 1stLabor Medal of Liaoning Province and Shenyang Municipality, 1 model teacher, 1 example teacher and 3 proficient teachers of Shenyang, 3 excellent theoretical teachers of Four “One Bunch” Theories of Shenyang, 1 head and 1 member of expert group ofSocial Stability Risk Assessmentof Shenyang, 2 university-level famous teachers, and many excellent teachers, educators, and models of “ThreeAspects of Education”of SYU. The faculty of the school is an active academic group with positive teamwork spirit and reasonable structures of knowledge, age and professional positions.

The school undertakes 167 research programs of national, provincial and municipal levels, with governmental funds of 2.17 million yuan and non-governmental ones of 403.3 thousand yuan. 27 treaties, 30 textbooks and 109 core periodical articles are published, in which 39 articles are collected by various kinds of retrieval systems. 13 teachers have important social positions in academies and societies of national, provincial and municipal levels. The school has 2 excellent teaching teams of Liaoning Province, 1 excellent teaching team of Shenyang Municipality, Shenyang Applied Philosophy Research Institute and Social Stability Risk Assessment Research Institute of SYU, and 2 excellent activities of ideologyandpoliticaleducation. It has made great contributions to the development of national economy, social and technological progress.  

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