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School of Fine Arts
2014-08-22 18:20  

School of Fine Arts has certain degrees of influence among the same kind of schools around northeast China and the country. It is the governing unit of China Oil Painting Society, a member of Design Committee of China Decoration Association, vice chairman unit of Liaoning Artists Association, Liaoning Oil Painting Society and chairman unit of Shenyang Artists Association.  

The school has many famous teachers and experts,among which 1enjoysspecial government allowances of the State Council and there are 2 excellent teachers of Liaoning Province, 1 winner ofMay 1stLabor Medal of Shenyang Municipality, 1 excellent expert of Shenyang Municipality, 3 artists of high performing skills and moral integrity of Shenyang Municipality. Teachers of the school have high levels of professional quality and artistic creation. In recent years, 119 of their workshave been included innational-level exhibitions, with 59 award-winning ones, and 121 workshave wonprovincial-level prizes. They have published 1,739academic papersand articles, and 143 treatises, collections and textbooks.

The schooloffers1 master’s degree granting programme of fine arts, 5 research orientations of oil painting, Chinese painting, engraving, sculpture and folk arts, 9 undergraduate majors and 10 professional orientations. It hasa faculty of100 teachers, with 10 professors, 37 associate professors, and 17 master’s degree supervisors. It has 60 graduate students, 1,704 undergraduate students, and 185 junior college students. It consists of 13 teaching departments:Department of Oil Painting, Department of Chinese Watercolor Painting, Department of Engraving, Department of Sculpture, Department of Environmental Design, Department of Visual Communication Design, Department of Public Art Design, Department of Product Design, Department of Fashion & Attire Design, Department of Digital Art Design, Department of Fine Arts Education, Theoretical Teaching Division and Basic Teaching Division. There are also 3 administrative management divisions responsible for teaching affairs and student affairs respectively. 

With developed basic teaching facilities and fine environment, the school has an individual fine art teaching building with a building area of over 30,000 m2. It also has 15 professional studios such as traditional material studio for Chinese painting, with a total building area of 3,100 m2, 44 teachers’ studios of distinctive artist styles, with a total building area of 2,760 m2, a gallery of 3 professional artistic exhibition halls, with a building area of 2,700 m2, a library with over 10,000 professional books , and 8 off-campus teaching and practice bases.

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