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School of Architectural Engineering
2014-08-22 18:16  

School of Architectural Engineeringoffers5 undergraduate majorsofCivil Engineering (including 2 orientations of architectural engineering and project management), Road and Bridge Engineering, Architecture, Architectural Environment and Resource Application Engineering and Water Science and Engineering. It also offersfirst-level disciplinemaster’s degree programforCivilEngineeringand professional master’s degree grantingprogramofProject Management.  

The experiment center of the school has an area of nearly 4,000 m2with a total equipment value of over 8 million yuan. It has over 10 professional labs of constructional engineering, architectural material, architectural physics, heat transmission, and sewage disposal, etc. Based on the experiment center, the school has established a key lab of environmental geotechnical engineering of Liaoning Province. With positive cooperation with enterprises and administrative authorities of Liaoning Province, the school has established over 40 off-campus practical teaching bases and over 100 stable employment bases.

The school has 48 full-time teachers with 11 professors, 20 associate professors, 11 teaches with doctorate degrees, 8 PhD students, 15 master’s degree supervisors, and 13 first-level registered architects, construction engineers, and constructors. It has also employed over 30 experts and scholars as visiting or part-time professors. It has nearly 900 undergraduates and graduates. 

The school positively explores new ways of distinctive education. It opens up examination courses of national first-level registered architects, constructors, constructing engineers, moderators, supervising engineers and equipment engineers, and regular seminars of moderators, field engineers, material staff and security officers. It encourages students to take part in various kinds of architectural design contests, sends graduates to first-level design units (off-campus practice bases) to do actual cases, and by organizing students of four majors (civil engineering, water science and engineering, architecture and architectural environment and resource application engineering) to hold combined graduation design activities, it aims to improve students’ social adaptation abilities. The school holds many job fairs of different scales for graduate students annually, and the employment rate of graduates has maintained above 95% throughout many years.  

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