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School of Education
2014-08-22 18:09  

Since its establishment, School of Education has undertaken the cultivation tasks of teachers and schoolmasters of primary and middle schools in Shenyang. It has trained and cultivated nearly 1 million primary and middle school teachers and schoolmasters since the beginning of the 8thFive Year Plan, with an overall expenditure of over 100 million yuan. 70%teachersand 50% schoolmasters of primary and middle schools in Shenyang, especially in its rural areas, have been trained or cultivated in this school. Under the leadership of the municipal government and municipal-level education department, the school conducted 84 key training programs for 55,113 teachers and schoolmasters during the 11thFive Year Plan. The school has become a professional training and consulting organization with high social reputations and profound educational influence in the field of basic education in Shenyang. It won many honorary prizes of leading unit of teachers and educational cadres training awarded by provincial or municipal level educational administrative authorities, and as a vice governing unit of “national municipal-level educational schools association”, it has won high reputations and praises from nationwide educational schools, thus making great contributions to the educational construction cause of Shenyang.

The school has 4 departments:School Office, Cadres Training Department, Teachers Training Department, and Community Workers Training Department. 

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