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Li Peng, Party Standing Committee, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of ShenyangUniversity, the Vice President of ShenyangUniversity:
2014-08-22 15:41  


Li Peng was born in Jul. 1958. He is a member of the CPC, a professor and a graduate studentsupervisor. At present he serves as the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shenyang University, the Vice President of Shenyang University and takes charge of the university’s stabilization, ideological and political education, studentadministration, enrollment and employment,the Communist Youth League, the Military Office , adult education and theCollegeofEducationof the university.

Since graduation from his university in Jul. 1982, he has long beenengagedin teaching students, scientific research and management. At Shenyang University, he has been successively appointed as the Director of the Teacher Management Office, theDean of the Teaching Affairs Office, the Dean of the College of Architecture and Environmental Engineering, the Director of theBasicCourse Teaching Department, theDirectorof the Department of Personnel, the Vice President of the university and the Vice Secretary of the Party Committee. His research mainly covers environment engineering and management science and engineering. Successively, he has taken charge of or participated in a dozen of national, provincial and municipal research subjects and received a second prize of the Achievements of Social Science Award of Liaoning Province, two second prize of the Teaching Achievements Award of Liaoning Province, a second prize and a third prize of the Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Shenyang City. Over 20 dissertations of his have been published on such academic journals asFuelandChina Higher Education Research. He is also the chief editor of two sets of textbook——Environmental Analysis & MonitoringandCourses of Quality-oriented Education for University Students, 8 volumes and nearly 3.5 million Chinese characters in total. He went toWollongong University,Australiaas a government-funded student in 1992, was selected as one of the first batch of the National Talents of Shenyang City in 1998 and was listed as one of Advanced Scientific and Technological Experts of Liaoning Province in 2010. At present, he serves as a member of the Guidance Committee for Teaching Environmental Science and Engineering Affiliated to the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China, the Vice Director of the Guidance Committee for Teaching Environmental Science and Engineering Affiliated to the Provincial Education Department of Liaoning, the Vice Chairman of the Liaoning Chemical Engineering Society, the Vice Chairman of Shenyang Environment Society, a standing director of the Liaoning Higher Education Society, and a standing director of the Liaoning Study of Talent Association.

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