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Yuan Zhonghu, the Vice President of ShenyangUniversity
2014-08-22 15:34  


Yuan Zhonghu was born in Mar. 1962.He is a doctor of engineering, a professor, theprincipal of innovation teamsat the institutions of higher education ofLiaoningProvinceand thedisciplinary principalof control science and engineering atShenyangUniversity. At present, he is the Vice President ofShenyangUniversity and in charge of the university’s disciplinary construction, scientific research, journal, library and societies.

He obtained his bachelor degree fromNankaiUniversityin 1984, his master degree from Northeastern University of Technology in 1989 and his doctoral degree fromNortheasternUniversityin 1994.From 1984 to 1998, at Shenyang Institute of Technology, he has successively served as a teaching assistant, a lecturer, an associateprofessor and theDirectorof the Department of Automatic Control. Since transferring toShenyangUniversityin Nov. 1998,he has been successivelyappointed as the Dean of theCollegeofInformation Engineering, the Director of the Science and Technology Department and the Vice President. He is also the Vice Chairman of the System Simulation Society of Liaoning Province, a standing director of the Automation Society of Liaoning Province, a standing member of the C. P. P. C. C. ofShenyang, the Vice Chairman of theJiu San Society ofShenyangand the Chairman of theShenyangUniversitybranch of the Jiu SanSociety. He has been long engaged in the research on theories, technologies and applications of electronic information. He has successively taken charge of or participated in over 30 scientific research tasks, including one supported by the National 863 Project, three supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China, four supported by the Science and Technology Planning Project of Liaoning Province and five supported by the Science and Technology Planning Project of Shenyang City. Over 60 dissertations of his have been published. He is also the chief editor of 5 sets of textbooks. He has received three second prize and third prize of the Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Liaoning Province. He was named Top Ten Outstanding Young Intellectuals of Shenyang in 2002, Outstanding Scientist of Shenyang in 2001, Excellent Expert of Shenyang in 2006 and obtained the May 1stLabor Medal of Shenyang in 2013.

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