full-time undergraduates:more than 23,000    

full-time graduates:600    

PhD students: 4    

international students: 315,from 33 countries    


undergraduate programs: 67    

graduate programs:12    

doctorate programs:1    

post-doctorate scientific research station:1    

Faculty and Staff    

full-time teachers:1266    


PhD supervisors:4    

master’s degree supervisors:169    


national-level engineering practice education center:1     

provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers:2     

1. Electrical Engineering & Electronics Provincial-Level Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center    

2. SYU Automation Professional Experimental Teaching Center     

programs of excellent engineers plan of the Ministry of Education:3     

1.Material Formation & Control Engineering Program     

2. Welding Technology & Engineering     

3. Mechanical Design, Manufacturing & Automation     

national-level distinctive majors:1     

Material Formation & Control Engineering Program     

national-level bilingual teaching demonstration courses2     

1. Principles of Accountancy (bilingual)     

2. Human Resources Management     

provincial-level undergraduate demonstration majors:2     

1.Material Formation & Control Engineering Program     

2. Automation     

provincial-levelengineering personnel cultivation reform pilot majors:4     

1.Material Formation & Control Engineering Program     

2. Environmental Engineering     

3. Mechanical Design, Manufacturing & Automation     

4. Civil Engineering     

provincial-level key supporting majors:2     

1. Environmental Engineering     

2. Biological Engineering     

provincial-level comprehensive reform pilot majors:2     

1. Accountancy     

2. Biological Technology     

provincial-level quality courses:23     

1. Financial Management     

2.Financial Accounting(bilingual)     

3. College English     

4. Ancient Chinese Literature     

5. Basics Accountancy     

6. Basic Computer     

7. Physics & Chemistry (bilingual)     

8. Genetics & Genomics     

9. Intermediate Financial Accounting     

10. Senior English     

11. Principles of Concrete Construction Design     

12. Mechanism& Machine Theory     

13. Civil Procedure Law     

14. 60 Lectures of Chinese Classical Literature     

15. Visual Basic Programming(Higher-Level Vocational Course)     

16. Computerized Accounting(Higher-Level Vocational Course)     

17. Financial Management(Higher-Level Vocational Course)     

18. Tour Guide Practice(Higher-Level Vocational Course)     

19. Engineering Mechanics(Higher-Level Vocational Course)     

20. Interchangeability & Basic Measurement Technology(Higher-Level Vocational Course)     

21. Mechanical & Computer Graphics(Higher-Level Vocational Course)     

22. Mechanical Manufacturing Technology(Higher-Level Vocational Course)     

23.Principlesof Finance(Higher-Level Vocational Course)     

provincial-level quality resource sharing courses:5     

1.Society & Culture in English-Speaking Countries     

2. Basic Accountancy     

3. Principles of Tourism     

4. Contemporary World History     

5. Sports Anatomy (Dancing)    

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