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Welfare City Research Center Submitted the "Welfare Shenyang Construction Plan (draft for review)"Which Got the Mayor Jiang Youwei ’s Important Instructions
2017-11-27 16:13 Geng Yun 

On November 17, by the civil city of our school research center submitted to the municipal government office "Civil Shenyang Construction Plan (draft for review)"which got the mayor’s important instructions. Jiang Youwei proposed that a three-year plan of action should be drawn up around the construction of civil Shenyang.To fully embody the spirit of the 19th NPC, the index system for the well-being of Shenyang further embodies internationalization, modernization,the general requirement needs to live closer to the people, focus on solving the pain points in the cities, we need to further refine the measures and to payclose attention to improving them, and submit them to the government executive for discussion before the end of the year.

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