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SYU Students Won 1 Special Prize, 3 First Prizes, and 3 Third Prizes in Liaoning Network Business Innovative Application Competition of College Students in 2017
2017-11-20 15:03 Wang Xintong 

From 10 to 22 October,in the Liaoning conference final of Liaoning Province College Students Network Business Innovative Application Competition(the tenth Network Business Innovative Application Competition) hosted by Liaoning Education Department and  Liaoning Finance Department, 6 participating teams came from SYU eventually won 1 special prize, 3 first prizes , and 3 third prizes through such links as on-line evaluation and on-site by defense . One of these works created by Liu Hu, Liu Mei and Bai Yinchao in art college called Car,Vision and Behavior-Little Car Runs Fastdesign studio ( Instructors : Yang Xiaobo and Li Wanzhen) won the special reward. A team work created by Dong Hao , Qiao Qiao and Liu Haoran in information engineering institute named the We-media of Eight Person and Eight Days ( Instructor : Cao Hui ). In information engineering institute , Wang Hongpeng,Yuyin, Zhang Fang , Li Yan, and Ge Maozhu’s team work called The Promotion of Palm University (Instructor:Zhou Xin) and Wu Shuyu , Cao Shida , Wei Chong and Zhang Qi’s team work called Fei Rui Bodybuilding Self-help without any limit(Instructor : Wang Nan) won the first prizes together . And the other two teams of information engineering institute won the third prizes.









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