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SYU Won Prizes In the 2017 Provincial College Undergraduate Mechanical Innovation Design Competition and Robot Competition
2017-10-26 22:40 Wei Yi 

On October 14, sponsored by the Liaoning Province Education Department, Financial Department of Liaoning province college undergraduate mechanical innovation design competition, and Liaoning province robot undergraduate college students competition, the four teams of Mechanical Engineering College wonthe competition awards from more than 250 teams, including: Zhang Zhe and five students won the first prize, using "No Avoid Double Stereoscopic Parking Device" (tutor: Wu Jie, ZongZhenJi).Such as li Jun of six students' works "Robot Guide" (tutor: JuHongTao), and worksfrom the eight students Chen Yanzhong "Robot Avenger"(tutor: JuHongtao, JiaoWanca) respectively won the second prize, works from the five students Zhang Lizhuo for "The Mounting Bolts Quantitative Gripping Device "(tutor: Zhao Shilu) won the third prize.









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