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Expert group of Education Department of Liaoning Province come to SYU to research the construction work of College Students Innovation Incubation Base and Automobile Manufacturing Industry Training Base
2017-07-05 17:00 Li Wei Cui Wenjin 

On the morning of July 5th, a group of three experts from the Provincial Education Department conduct a special investigation and supervision on the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Base of university students and the Training Base of the Automobile Manufacturing Industry, vice president Wang Shumei attend the research meeting. Responsible persons of Academic Affairs Office, Academy of Fine Arts, College of Mechanical Engineering, Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Instruction Center and Teachers' representatives attend the meeting.

After the expert group hear two responsible persons' report on the construction situation, operation situation and problems of base in our school, experts check the supporting material to verify the relevant data and investigate two bases and the innovation and entrepreneurship incubation base of the academy of fine arts.

The expert group go through a comprehensive investigation, give the two base construction work of the school a full affirm and put forward valuable advice for the next development of the bases.

Wang Shumei attend the research meeting

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