· The Natural Museum Of Our School was Awarded the Title Of "Education Practice Base" in Shenyang 2018/04/24 
· The Students Of Our School Got a Good Performance in the North China Division Of The 21st'FLTRP CUP' National College English... 2018/04/23 
· Three Teachers Of Our School were Admitted To the National Senior Research and Visiting Scholars (including postdoctoral) Progr... 2018/04/23 
· The School Holds a Review Working Forum which Specially Needs Doctorate Programs 2018/04/20 
· The Students Of SYU Win the Nomination Of "National College Students Self-improvement Star" 2018/04/06 

· The Project Of Our School Teacher is Approved By the Ministry Of Education "New Engineering" Research and Practice Project 2018/04/03 
· SYU Visits Taiwan Universities 2018/04/02 
· SYU Sports Master's Degree was Approved As New Professional Master's Degree Authorization Point 2018/03/30 
· SYU Holds a Meeting to Promote the Work Of Doctorate Project Evaluation 2018/03/29 
· The Graduation &Degree Ceremony for the Master Graduates Students of 2018 Held in Shenyang University 2018/03/23 
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